A patient getting physical therapy for sciatica pain

3 Popular Myths About Sciatica — Debunked

Many people often complain about their sciatica flaring up now and then, but most of them have no idea what sciatica is or what’s happening inside their bodies.

Sciatica is a type of pain that results from excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in your body. This nerve connects the lower back to the leg, and the pain usually stems from the lower back and extends to the back of the leg.

Various factors may cause sciatica. However, the condition is usually quite treatable.

Here are a few common myths about sciatic – debunked, to help you understand the symptoms and get better treatment options.


Myth # 1: Every Form of Leg Pain is Sciatica

Reality: Sciatica is Only One of the Forms of Leg Pain

Don’t always assume that if you have pain in your leg, it’s because of your sciatica nerve. Various things can cause leg pain, and sciatica is only one of them.

Besides, sciatica is not a medical condition. Sciatica pain is the symptom that you feel when the sciatic nerve is pinched. The real diagnosis will come from the source that is pinching the sciatic nerve.

Myth # 2: Bed Rest is Best for Sciatica

Reality: Staying Active Nourishes and Heals

Lack of activity can weaken the muscles and the spine, further deteriorating the situation by putting more stress on your back.

A patient getting physical therapy for sciatica pain

Performing the correct exercises and stretches recommended by your medical examiner can positively influence your healing and reduce the gravity of your pain.

Myth # 3: Surgery is the Only Option to Getting Rid of Sciatica

Reality: Majority of the Cases Can Be Treated Non-Surgically

In regular cases, doctors usually recommend a treatment plan that includes therapeutic exercises and stretches and epidural injections. Unless you have severe numbness and pain, surgery is off the charts.

If the medicines and physical therapy don’t seem to work, doctors may recommend you get an opinion from a surgeon. However, surgery is always secondary to treatment which seems to work in favour of most patients.


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