Evidence Based Technology for Back Pain

Back pain is a very common condition affecting 80% of the population once in their lifetime. Most of the time the situation resolves on its own but when it doesn’t it can be debilitating and can really affect the quality of life for someone.

It can prevent and limit you from the activities that you love to do and even affect your family and loved ones. This can lead to the progression of the condition and even have a psychological impact such as depression. Seeing someone and getting educated on your condition is vital.

Most causes of back pain are mechanical in nature. What this means is that it may be caused by the discs, joints, or surrounding tissue. The good thing is that if diagnosed correctly it can be fixed and pain can be reduced along with increased functionality and mobility

Advanced Technology to Treat Back Pain

At divergent health care, we have invested in evidence-based technologies to treat back pain. We use technologies such as:

Laser Back Pain Treatment

The latest and most advanced addition to our arsenal for managing lower back pain is the FX 635, an innovative laser technology that uses bio-stimulation and laser technology to pinpoint the origin of pain accurately and targets cells and tissues to provide relief.

The FX 635 is a non-invasive, non-addictive, and effective pain management option that’s the only laser in the world to be approved by the FDA as such. We use this new and clinically proven technology to produce long-term and lasting positive results in patients who suffer from back pain.

We also have expert practitioners to help with diagnosing the condition. These are:

  • Chiropractors Practitioners
  • Physical Therapists
  • Medical Practitioners
  • In-House Fitness Trainers

Individual treatment plans are constructed whether your pain is acute or chronic. We use a multidisciplinary approach meaning we combine most technologies to treat your pain if we conclude it will help you. We will work with all our practitioners to come up with that conclusion.

What you can expect coming in for back pain:

  • Education on back pain and its causes and what is causing your particular pain
  • A full examination to accurately diagnose the condition
  • An explanation of what treatment approach is best.

Back pain is a very common condition so you’re not alone. A lot of times, it’s inaccurately diagnosed and the condition is not fully resolved. Painkillers are not the answer either, as they cannot fix the mechanical nature of the back pain.

Currently, more and more people with pain are being addicted to opioid painkillers and their pain is becoming worst at the same time. It is vital that you see an expert, get properly diagnosed, and treat the mechanical dysfunction at its cause.