Address Chronic Pain with Focused Shockwave Therapy

Chronic pain is the kind of constant companion you can do without. It is a great disruptor that can significantly affect your quality of life. Here at Divergent Innovative Health Care, we want to give Calgary residents several options when it comes to treating chronic pain.

Among the options we offer is focused shockwave therapy. If you’re interested in seeing how this therapy can work for you, feel free to drop by the pain clinic to experience it in person. You can also read on to learn more about its benefits.

What Is Focused Shockwave Therapy?

As noted earlier, there are different ways to address the chronic pain you’re experiencing. Focused shockwave therapy is a newer alternative. A special kind of device is used for this therapeutic procedure. Here at our pain clinic, we use the BTL-6000 Focus Shockwave. While in use, this machine will produce acoustic waves. We will then direct those acoustic waves so that they reach different parts of your body.

The Benefits of Focused Shockwave Therapy

We use acoustic waves to reach the parts of your body that are the sources of your chronic pain. Chronic pain is often the result of issues that affect the body’s soft tissues. Those acoustic waves will reach those soft tissues and massage them in such a way that provides pain relief. The acoustic waves can also be used to target other parts of your body.

If your chronic pain is being caused by calcifications or tense muscles, the acoustic waves can similarly target those problematic areas. Once the focused shockwave therapy session is over, you will be able to experience the kind of relief you haven’t been able to enjoy in years.

In addition to pain relief, focused shockwave therapy is also sought after by many patients because it helps improve circulation and promotes the production of collagen inside the body. Your body’s health will improve if you continue with your therapy sessions.

One more reason why focused shockwave therapy is gaining in popularity is because it’s a non-invasive procedure. You don’t have to prep for surgery or introduce new substances to your body in order to get this procedure.

Focused Shockwave Therapy vs. Regular Shockwave Therapy

At Divergent Innovative Health Care we pride ourselves as being the only clinic in Calgary to offer this shockwave technology. Our focused shockwave therapy is considered to be true shockwave technology capable of penetrating 3-4 times deeper than traditional shockwaves. We can generate shockwaves that are over 100 times more powerful than traditional shockwaves found in physiotherapy offices and chiropractic offices. Focused shockwave therapy produces the only shockwave capable of breaking up chronic calcified tissues. If you have tried shockwave therapy elsewhere with little or no success, visit us today and experience the difference!

Focused Shockwave Therapy in Calgary

Focused shockwave therapy has emerged as a great alternative for addressing chronic pain. All Calgary residents interested in trying it out can approach us at Divergent Innovative Health Care. Schedule an appointment with us today so that you can experience the benefits of focused shockwave therapy yourself!