Headaches Treatments

From migraine to tension headaches, there are a number of headache syndromes that can result in debilitating symptoms, making it incredibly difficult for you to focus on your day-to-day tasks.

At Divergent, we adopt an evidence-backed approach towards the treatment of headache, thereby ensuring prompt symptomatic relief to patients and enhancing their quality of life.

Providing Evidence-Based Headache Treatment In Calgary

Despite their high prevalence and their significant impact on the lives of affected individuals, the traditional treatment of headache focuses primarily on the use of painkillers. Moreover, pain and disability causes many patients to increase their use of analgesics which, in turn can lead to medication-overuse headache.

Divergent is one of those very few healthcare organizations in Calgary that adopt a multidimensional approach towards the treatment of headaches. We focus on the elimination of the underlying cause to offer our patients prompt and complete relief from the headache. To ensure this, we use a combination of techniques and technology. The selection of therapies depends primarily on the severity of symptoms, the underlying cause of headache, and the overall health of the patient.

The therapies we use for the treatment of headache include:

From a stressful lifestyle to unhealthy dietary habits, headaches can be triggered due to various reasons. The identification of the cause and its treatment is important for quick and effective pain relief. Let Divergent use its integrated approach towards the treatment of headache to help you get rid of the debilitating pain and allow you to focus your attention on everyday tasks.

Schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable healthcare professionals to identify and eliminate the cause of your headache.