Optimize Strength and Muscle Gains with Advanced Resistance Training

Gain strength faster and build muscle efficiently. The ARX Alpha Adaptive Resistance program uses real-time monitoring to change the way you look at fitness. This powerful machine uses high-tech sensors to offer perfect resistance, leading to better results in half the time of traditional methods. Contact our Calgary personal trainers to start a complimentary fitness assessment.

About ARX Strength & Muscle Training

Amplify your fitness with breakthrough adaptive resistance technology. This advanced strength training system uses motorized resistance and intelligent software to produce ideal resistance and the perfect workout every time. With no weights to drop, ARX Alpha delivers maximum benefits without the risk of injuries or accidents.

ARX Alpha Strength Training Benefits

Perfect resistance equals perfect workout
94% more time efficient than weights
More muscle in less time

Effective & Rapid Personal Training in Calgary

The ARX system uses scientifically-backed principles to offer the safest, most effective, and most efficient form of resistance exercise in the world. You can see results in half the time as traditional weights without the risk of injuries or accidents. The Alpha was designed to give every user of every age and experience level access to Adaptive Resistance. From premier athletes to retirees, the Alpha’s simplicity of design makes on-boarding users of any skill level fast, effective and unintimidating. 

Superior Training

ARX responds instantly and automatically, providing the perfect amount of resistance for optimal results.

Advanced Monitoring

Easily monitor your total force output, max force output (concentric and eccentric), time under tension, and other improvement metrics.

Real-Time Progress

No need to wonder if you’re making progress. The ARX software automatically tracks your progress with precision and provides instant feedback.

ARX is part of Divergent’s Health and Wellness Developmental Program.

This is a comprehensive anti-aging and health optimization program that improves your overall well being. Learn more.

How does ARX Work?

ARX monitors every second of every movement to deliver the perfect amount of resistance. This synergizes with ARX’s straight-forward design that minimizes adjustment time between exercises. Complete a full-body workout in only 6 minutes and achieve a year’s results in just 3-6 months!

ARX Alpha provides a full body working in 3 big movements: leg press, chess press and row.

Exercise List

  • Leg Press
  • Chest Press
  • Row
  • Calf Raise
  • Bicep Curl
  • Torso Flexion
  • Torso Extension

A Complete Fitness System

Compliment the power of ARX Alpha with the fine control and versatility of ARX Omni. ARX Omni covers all compound movements at multiple angles and desired paths of motion. Unlock unlimited exercise potential when you pair them together with Divergent’s personal training.

Calgary ARX Training Questions and Answers

ARX Omni covers all compound movements at multiple angles and desired paths of motion. It offers maximum versatility and control.

ARX Alpha provides a full body working in 3 big movements: leg press, chess press and row. It offers maximized time efficiency and simplicity.

Our Calgary Personal Trainers can develop a program that pairs them to create unlimited exercise potential.

There is no need to set the resistance while using ARX. The machine applies perfect opposing resistance in direct proportion to the force the user is producing at each moment in time. The machine moves the handles or foot pads at the pre-selected speed during the positive and negative phases of contraction regardless of how hard a user exerts. The resistance provided by the machine is determined entirely by the user, whose effort is then measured and displayed by the software in real time.

The drive system and load cell are integrated with the motor controller system, both of which communicate with the software in a feedback loop. Numerous user data points like force output, range of motion, speed, percentage of fatigue, concentric and eccentric peak forces, and more are all tracked and displayed by the software. Additionally, this data is stored in the ARX cloud, where useful and motivational visual feedback of the data is displayed in the user’s online dashboard.

ARX is safe for all forms of rehabilitation, offering the full spectrum of resistance ranging from passive resistance (stretching) all the way to eccentric loading (negatives). There are no weights to drop, the speed is pre-set and controllable, and the machine can never act upon the user without the user first acting on the machine. This means that a user can never encounter any level of force that they themselves did not first produce, and this never-excessive scenario dramatically lowers the risk of injury.

The body’s adaptive response of building stronger, bigger muscles is provoked primarily by the application of three elements at the muscle level: mechanical tension, physical damage, and metabolic stress.

These stimuli can all be applied through the use of weights, but ARX’s adaptive resistance allows you to apply all three elements in greater magnitudes, more safely, and more quickly than with any weight. So for those looking for a pump, more muscle mass, or just looking to build a more aesthetic physique, ARX is the best tool currently available for these purposes.

The following ARX Academy video goes into this in more depth: Click here to watch the video

ARX can be used once per week, every day per week, once per month, or anywhere in between.

The most common ARX program followed by ARX users involves 1 to 2 full-body workouts per week for ~12 minutes per workout.

Strength Training Appointments in Calgary

Discover how you can maximize your strength and muscle gains in half the time. Contact our Calgary personal trainers for a complimentary fitness assessment. Call 587-325-0253.