Rapidly Optimize Health & Reverse Ageing with CAROL

CAROL is a personalized fitness bike that get you rapid results. Divergent’s is pleased to offer this innovative combination of fitness equipment and advanced algorithms to help you quickly optimize your health. Discover how the CAROL system gets you fit, builds strong habits, and saves you time.

What is CAROL?

CAROL is CARdiovascular Optimization Logic, an interactive stationary exercise bike for high intensity training. Cardio health is an essential part of reversing aging and achieve your health and beauty goals. Reduced Exertion High Intensity Interval Training (REHIT) workouts are widely known to offer potent results in less time than traditional cardio. Powered by AI, CAROL’s algorithms create and apply personalized resistance to achieve optimal power with every workout. See results with just three 8 minute REHIT sessions – equivalent to five 30 minute medium intensity workouts per week.

Benefits of CAROL


Short & effective sessions are easy to fit into your life: 8 minutes with only 40 seconds of high intensity exercise.


Achieves superior cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max) and, lowering blood pressure and reducing heart disease.


AI-personalized workouts monitor and tracks your data in real time as well as your progress over time.

The Science of CAROL

Get Fitter

CAROL Bike increases the maximum amount of oxygen you use during exercise – your VO2max – by 12%.

Next-level HIIT

CAROL’s the only bike with REHIT, the next-level high intensity workout that gives you double the health benefits, in just 10% of the time.

Maximum Metabolism

Reduced Exertion high intensity (REHIT) boosts your metabolic rate for 3 hours. In fact, 60% of the calorie-burn will happen after your CAROL Bike workout.

Live Younger

With CAROL Bike’s workouts, you can reset your VO2max in just 8 weeks—to where it was 10 years ago.

Live Healthier

CAROL Bike’s workouts are scientifically-proven to improve key indicators of health, significantly reducing the risk of developing chronic conditions.

Improve Endurance

CAROL’s short, effective workouts deplete muscle glycogen to improve aerobic capacity.

CAROL Calgary Clinic Questions and Answers

CAROL is the smartest, most effective exercise bike possible—with workouts backed by science. CAROL Bike learns to push you to your limit. With AI-personalization that instantly applies your optimal resistance. And a range of workouts scientifically-proven to be the shortest, most effective possible.

CAROL Bike uses AI to personalize your workouts, which helps you reach your fitness goals more quickly. CAROL’s AI is able to calculate the precise resistance that will push you to your personal limits, but never going over. Over time, CAROL’s AI continues to adapt as your fitness improves, so you’re always working to your maximum potential.

To ensure your safety, the rider requirements are:

  • Height: 4’7″ – 6’7″ / 140 cm – 200 cm
  • Max weight: 330 lbs / 150 kg

It is mainly for users 18+, but children can use the bike, too, as long as they’re tall enough to ride. Our guidance is that children 10+ can use the bike, with adult supervision, keeping in mind the recommendation is 60 minutes of exercise per week.

As with all exercise, riders with pre-existing heart conditions or who are pregnant should get medical clearance from their GP.

Reduced Exertion HIIT (REHIT) is an optimized form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that’s more effective than conventional exercise — with a much shorter time commitment. This helps you achieve maximum fitness in the minimum time.

CAROL is the only fitness equipment that makes it possible to do REHIT workouts at home. Find out more about the science of REHIT here.

CAROL Bike is for all exercise levels based on adaptive AI technology. The bike will push you based on your current fitness level, so you can get the most out of the workout. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked out, haven’t worked out in two years, or workout every day. The bike will adapt to your level and push you to your max. The bike will continue to learn and ensure you are always getting a good workout.

Yes, CAROL Bike is designed to make it completely safe for you to achieve optimal fitness at home. Here’s how:

  • CAROL Bike comes with built-in safety algorithms, as well as a heart rate monitor, that will warn you — or even abort a ride — if anything abnormal is detected with your heart rate.
  • CAROL’s workouts have been carefully designed and tested to give you enough time to recover.
  • CAROL Bike is a commercial-grade bike that is strong enough to withstand high impact, and the freewheel clutch lets you safely perform explosive sprints.

Your CAROL Bike comes with a personalized dashboard with comprehensive performance metrics like Fitness Score; so you can accurately track how your fitness is improving.

It also comes with a heart rate monitor to optimize your performance more accurately—capturing R-R intervals (small changes in the intervals between successive heartbeats) for HRV (heart rate variability) measurement.

Calgary CAROL Excercise Clinic

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