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Fatherhood is a journey filled with joy, responsibility, and sometimes, uncertainty. If questions linger about biological paternity, paternity testing can offer the clarity and peace of mind you deserve. With the latest advances in genetic science, you no longer have to visit a doctor to undergo paternity testing. This safe, confidential, and accurate process can help establish or disprove biological fatherhood, providing a foundation for moving forward.

As a leading provider of Paternity Testing services in Calgary, we allow you to perform the test in the confidentiality of your own home and get the results in a timely manner. Order our reliable Paternity Test Kit online today.

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How To Get Paternity Test

Step 1

Call Divergent to Get Started,
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Each situation is unique, and at Divergent, our experts ensure you choose the right test for your needs. Request a consult, or order the Paternity Test Kit online that provides everything required for private home paternity testing.

Step 2

Collect DNA

Have the DNA collected at our facility or you may collect the DNA at the comfort of your home with a simple cheek swab of the parent and the child. Send the samples back to us and we can quickly start the process.

Step 3

Receive Results in 3-5 Days

Processing may take 3-5 days. The results are accurate and confidential and can be picked up or emailed to you confidentially. Expedited options are available if you need your results sooner.

Purchase a Paternity Test Online

Prices include one child and one father. $125 for each additional child tested.

Non-Legal Paternity Test
$249 per child plus 5% tax

Legal Paternity Test
$389 per child plus 5% tax



You can order the self-administered Paternity Testing Kit online. Ensuring your privacy and comfort, we can courier it to your home. Just send it back to our facility for processing!



Our partnered labs are recognized and accreditated, you can be rest assured that we are operating to the highest standards in the industry.



Our paternity tests ensure reliable results that you can depend on! Our court-admissible findings have a confidence level of 99.9%

Long lasting


Processing the tests take up to 3-5 days, and the results are accurate and confidential! For faster results an additional cost can be applied.

How Much Does A DNA Test Cost?

The non-legal Paternity test is priced at $249 for one child and one father, and the legal Paternity test is priced at $389 for one child and one father. Each additional child to be tested will incur a $125 fee.

What If I’m Not Sure Which Paternity Test To Buy?

The legal paternity test can be used as proof in court, such as for child support. This requires the samples to be collected and dropped off in the presence of a witness. The non-legal paternity tests are not legally defensible, and they do not require a witness to be present. If you’re unsure of which paternity test to buy, just give us call at 587-325-0253.

What Happens If We Live In Different Locations?

In case the father lives at a different location, the self-sampling kit can be sent to the father’s address so that he may send the sample back to the laboratory at his own convenience.

Why Choose Divergent Paternity Test?

With Divergent paternity tests you can be rest assured that our lab technicians are certified and qualified to collect samples. We treat every client with care and respect, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy at every step! Also we are local here in Calgary. At Divergent Calgary paternity testing we can assist you with this process from the beginning to the start!

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