Massage Therapy vs. Laser Therapy: Pros and Cons

One out of three people in the United States is affected by chronic pain every year.  Chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems as a result of sustained injuries from sports or poor work practices can cause severe health problems. Specialists usually recommend massage therapy or laser therapy to help deal with these problems.  

These treatments vary in nature, types, costs and effectiveness. Both come with their own pros and cons. So, if you’re confused about which therapy to choose—here’s a comparison of them both to help you make a more informed decision.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves a trained therapist working on the tissues of your body. They put different amounts of pressure at various parts including muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. and help relieve the pain the patient is feeling. It is generally safe in nature and only makes use of the pressure and movement of hands to promote better bodily functioning for you.


Apart from chronic pain, massage therapy can also be used to treat other medical conditions like heart disease and stomach problems. Some of the pros of massage therapy include improved blood circulation, relieving toxins from the body, nourishment of skin, and help in the body’s healing process. It can also help relieve stress after a tiring day.


Massage therapy doesn’t have many cons since it’s generally a safe and non-invasive procedure. Massage therapy shouldn’t have any risks for you, unless you’re super ticklish or have issues with people touching you. But massage therapy doesn’t work on everyone. Treatment varies from patient to patient and there are some that may require laser treatment and even surgery to make a full recovery.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a non-invasive light-source treatment that does not result in any heat, sound or vibrations. It makes use of a laser emitting light at different wavelengths that interacts with body tissues and speeds up their healing process.

Laser therapy being done on a woman’s knee


Laser therapy is usually safe and non-invasive which means that it does not require any surgical procedures and has a minimal recovery period. Laser therapy also doesn’t involve the use of any medication by the patient because of the side effects that come with them.


In laser therapy, the patient does not get pain relief immediately. They need to attend a few sessions before getting the desired results. Laser therapy is also relatively expensive compared to other procedures. Some patients have complained about an increase in pain after the first few sessions before it gets better and disappears as the treatment continues.

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