Neuro­modulators Treatments for Headaches

Everyone agrees that headaches are a nuisance. They disrupt your day to day activities and squander any chance of productivity. Headaches are usually the result of a stressful day, gruelling routine or possibly a sleepless night.

Add an unhealthy lifestyle into the mix and you’re looking at chronic headaches for life.

In spite of chronic headaches being a common health issue only a few people actually approach a doctor for treatment. The rest of them believe that sleeping it off or a painkiller will do the trick. But this doesn’t necessarily cause the headache to subside for long and before you know it the headache will be back in action. If you’re one of these people then we advise you to seek consultation at Divergent Healthcare.

We know how miserable life becomes when you suffer from frequent bouts of headaches. That’s why we use multidimensional and advanced technology to alleviate the pain. This includes Neuromodulators For Headaches. They are extremely effective in minimizing pain and reducing the frequency of your migraine attacks.

What Are Neuromodulators?

Botulinum toxin (Neuromodulators) is a common neurotoxin that is derived from a bacterium (clostridium botulinum). The substance is by nature a poisonous agent that attacks and paralyzes nerve tissues located in your body.

Commonly used in cosmetic surgeries, these injections have recently been introduced in pain management sectors. The FDA approved Neuromodulators For Headaches as an alternative for pain treatment in headaches almost a decade ago. That’s because upon further examination doctors deduced that the benefits of Neuromodulators for cerebral disease (tics and muscle spasms) could be applicable to treat headaches too.

Divergent Healthcare’s concurs with this analysis. As we have been privileged enough to treat many patients that suffered from severe headaches via Neuromodulators For Headaches.

How Do Neuromodulators Work for Headaches?

Doctors believe that Neuromodulators is effective in treating migraine headaches because it directly impacts the neurotransmitters in your body. When injected into the trigger spots, the substance is able to specifically block the pain signals activated by certain neurotransmitters. This mechanism prevents the pain signals from reaching the nerve endings near your neck and head. In addition to this Neuromodulators acts as a muscle relaxant which eases out the tension that’s been built up in the head and neck area.

In simpler terms, the treatments cure your headaches by eliminating the pain signals produced in the body. The best part about Neuromodulators treatment is that the body metabolizes it really slowly. That’s why the effects on our round of shots last for up to 12 weeks.

What to Expect from the Treatment?

Divergent Healthcare offers a free consultation before we start the Neuromodulators For Headaches treatment for headaches. This session allows our specialist to judge if your headaches will respond to the treatment. We might even offer you alternative options if that isn’t the case. This is to ensure that you get the best treatment for your headache. Once we have that figured out, you will be given a schedule for your treatment.

What’s the Procedure?

The first appointment lasts around 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll be lying down while the doctor injects a small dose of Neuromodulators into your nervous system. The doctor only targets the trigger spots (this often includes the neck) and the key areas of the head. The penetration is pretty shallow and won’t hurt more than a pinprick. A routine treatment requires at least 31 shots in the concentrated areas that usually hold the tension.

Are there any side effects? This treatment rarely causes any side effects. However, some of the patient might feel soreness in the neck and areas injected. This feeling tends to wear off within a few hours or days of the procedure depending on your body.

How Long Does the Neuromodulators gor Headaches Treatment Last?

In general cases, the treatment occurs over a course of at least a year. The appointments are usually scheduled roughly 3 months apart. You can expect to see the results after the first two sessions.

Who Can Get Neuromodulators for Headaches?

As we mentioned earlier, at Divergent Healthcare, we examine your medical history and diagnose your headache before recommending the treatment. But the general consensus is that you can get Neuromodulators For Headaches if you are over 18 and:

  • Suffer from chronic and tension headaches that occur for more than 15 days
  • Have a medical history of migraines in the family
  • Have failed to respond to oral forms of pain medication

In all these cases, you may continue your standard pain medication with our treatment. Neuromodulators rarely reacts with other drugs or interferes in their treatment.

Why Should You Choose Divergent Healthcare?

We are one of the few healthcare centres in Calgary that think out of the box when it comes to treatments. Our team of healthcare professionals are always on the lookout for new developments in pain management and other health treatments. This is so we can offer you the best solution for your health conditions.

We’ve hired personal healthcare professionals that are experts in their respective fields. They are all licensed practitioners who have been trained for the procedures we offer.

Rest assured, the team at Divergent Healthcare will always keep your health and satisfaction first –so that you can live a better and healthier life.