Injury Recovery with Bracing

Unlock the power of bracing—a game-changer for many Calgarians on their road to recovery from musculoskeletal injuries! While braces do not prevent injuries, there is substantial evidence supporting their benefits during the healing phase. Braces provide stability, reduce strain on the injured area, and help maintain proper alignment, accelerating the recovery process and enhancing overall rehabilitation outcomes.

If you’ve experienced a torn tendon or bone fracture, a brace can help stabilize the knee against pressure that could hinder complete recovery. Functional and custom braces are used during physiotherapy, which have been shown to improve healing rates and significantly reduce discomfort after the therapy.

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How Does Bracing Work?

Bracing offers support and stability to injured or weakened areas of your body, like joints or muscles, paving the way for a speedy comeback and reducing the risk of further mishaps By keeping the injured area stable, braces prevent unnecessary movement that could exacerbate the injury. They also apply gentle compression, reducing swelling and inflammation, and improving blood flow to the injured area, which promotes healing. Additionally, braces help maintain proper alignment of bones, muscles, and joints, ensuring that the body heals in the correct position and reducing the likelihood of long-term issues.

By offering external support, braces reduce the load and stress on the injured area, allowing muscles and tendons to rest and recover. This stabilization and support can also reduce pain by preventing movements that might aggravate the injury, enabling individuals to engage in daily activities with less discomfort. During physiotherapy, braces assist in performing specific exercises by providing necessary support and limiting harmful movements. If you’re currently undergoing physiotherapy or resting from an injury, book a consult at our Calgary Clinic and learn how braces can aid in faster and more effective recovery.

Custom Bracing Specialists

No two injuries are the same, which is why we tailor each brace to fit your unique needs and physiology. Our team considers every detail, from where you need pressure relief the most to the nature of your injury and your stage of recovery. With our personalized approach, you can be confident that your brace will provide maximum comfort and healing power, setting you on the path to recovery with confidence and ease.

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