Understanding the Diversified Technique and How Chiropractors Use It to Your Benefits

Chiropractors harness the power of chiropractic techniques like the Diversified Technique to help you feel your best.  At Divergent Innovative Health Care, we recognize the importance of this technique and its benefits for our Calgary patients.

Let’s explore the Diversified Technique to help you understand what to expect during your next chiropractor visit and why it is a staple in many chiropractic practices. Learn about how this technique can contribute to your overall well-being.

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What Is the Diversified Technique?

Diversified Technique is like a “targeted nudge” to put your spine and joints back in optimal position. It uses a “high-velocity, low-amplitude adjustment” performed by our highly skilled chiropractors, who know precisely how much pressure and direction to use. Divergent’s chiropractors spend many years mastering the correct angle, velocity, and proper finish to ensure it is applied correctly and consistently, providing optimal benefits for our patients.

Diversified Technique corrects spinal misalignments and restores proper alignment and function to the spine and other joints. By precisely adjusting these misalignments, the technique aims to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall physical well-being. This technique can provide significant relief from various conditions, including joint and rib pain, headaches, migraines, and stiffness, helping Calgarians achieve better musculoskeletal health and quality of life.

Benefits of Diversified Technique at Divergent Health


Proven & Effective

Diversified technique is the most used technique. If you’ve gone to see a chiropractor in the past, chances are that you’ve been on the receiving end of it.



Diversified Technique is very safe and performed by experienced chiropractor at Divergent.



Patients are generally receptive to Diversified Technique treatments. The technique is often painless, and many patients even find it pleasant.



Diversified Technique is a non-surgical option for addressing musculoskeletal problems.

What to Expect When Receiving Diversified Technique Treatments

During a Diversified Technique session, your Divergent chiropractor will manually adjust your spine and other joints. These adjustments involve precise, high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts to targeted areas to correct misalignments and improve mobility. Throughout the session, your chiropractor may ask for feedback to ensure your comfort and adjust their techniques accordingly. You may feel minor temporary soreness after your session that clears quickly. After the session, your chiropractor may recommend at-home care or follow-up appointments to support your progress and maintain results.

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If you’re curious about trying the Diversified Technique, you can reach out to us at Divergent Innovative Health Care. With our extensive training and experience, we’re committed to providing the necessary treatment for all Calgary residents. Contact us today to learn more about Diversified Chiropractor Techniques at our Calgary health centre. Call 587-325-0253.