Address Chronic Pain with Focused Shockwave Therapy at Divergent’s Calgary Clinic

Chronic pain is an unwelcome companion that disrupts your daily life and diminishes your overall well-being. At Divergent Innovative Health Care, we understand the profound impact it can have, which is why we offer a range of cutting-edge solutions to help Calgary residents reclaim their lives.

One of our most effective treatments is Focused Shockwave Therapy that uses sonic waves to penetrate deep into your tissue to promote relief and healing. Book a consultation with us to experience its remarkable benefits firsthand. Want to learn more? Discover how this innovative therapy can transform your journey to wellness.

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What Is Focused Shockwave Therapy?

Focused shockwave therapy is an advanced treatment designed to address pain effectively and precisely. Think of it as a high-tech massage that goes straight to the root of your discomfort. This therapy uses high-energy acoustic waves that target specific areas in your body, diving deep into your tissues to tackle the source of your chronic pain. These acoustic waves stimulate your body’s natural healing processes, enhancing blood flow and promoting tissue repair.

What’s truly amazing about focused shockwave therapy is that it’s non-invasive and requires no downtime, so you can return to your life feeling better than ever. The treatment is versatile and can treat various conditions, from calcifications to tense muscles, providing comprehensive pain relief. It’s a revolutionary way to treat pain at its source, offering you a path to long-lasting comfort and improved well-being. Say goodbye to chronic pain and hello to a rejuvenated you!

Benefits of Focused Shockwave


Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain is often the result of issues that affect the body's soft tissues. Those acoustic waves will reach those soft tissues and massage them in such a way that provides pain relief.


Enhanced Tissue Healing

Focused Shockwave therapy can improve circulation and promotes the production of collagen inside the body. Your body’s health will improve if you continue with your therapy sessions.



Unlike surgery, Focused Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that does not require incisions or anesthesia. This means minimal recovery time and a quicker return to daily activities.

Reduced medication

Reduced Need for Medication

Because of its pain-relieving and tissue-healing properties, focused shockwave therapy may help patients reduce their reliance on pain medication.

How Does Focused Shockwave Work?

Imagine a treatment that sends waves of relief right to the source of your pain. This innovative approach uses high-energy acoustic waves to penetrate deep into tissues, targeting the exact spots causing you discomfort. Our Calgary Clinic offers the BTL-6000 Focus Shockwave which generates powerful shockwaves that cause controlled microtrauma within the targeted area and stimulates the body to undergo its natural healing process. They also break down calcifications and reduce muscle tension, addressing the root causes of your pain.

  • Innovative Sound Waves: During focused shockwave therapy, these sound waves’ energy is delivered precisely to the injured tissue.
  • Stimulating Healing: Sound waves cause microtrauma that trigger your body’s natural healing processes, promoting cell regeneration and repair.
  • Break Down Scar Tissue: Sound waves help break down scar tissue formation, which can contribute to pain and restricted movement.

An Innovative Approach to Injury Recovery

At Divergent Innovative Health Care, we use the technology that perfectly matches your needs. Our focused shockwave technology can penetrate 3-4 times deeper than traditional shockwaves and deliver over 100 times more powerful than treatments found in physiotherapy and chiropractic offices. Focused shockwave therapy produces the only shockwave capable of breaking up chronic calcified tissues. If previous shockwave therapy hasn’t brought you the relief you need, visit us today to experience the effectiveness of Focused Shockwave Therapy in treating a variety of chronic injuries and conditions:

Focused Shockwave vs. Radial Shockwave 

Focused Shockwave Therapy offers higher intensity and pinpoint accuracy for complex situations. It utilizes high-energy acoustic waves that converge at a precise point, allowing for deeper penetration up to 12 cm, making it ideal for targeting deep musculoskeletal issues.

Radial shockwave therapy produces waves that spread out over a broader area, reaching depths up to 5 cm beneath the skin. This makes it excellent for broader, surface-level treatments like myofascial trigger points and muscle tightness.

Focused Shockwave Appointments Near Me

Focused shockwave therapy has emerged as a great alternative for addressing chronic pain. All Calgary residents interested in trying it out can approach us at Divergent Innovative Health Care. Schedule an appointment  or call 587-325-0253  to discover the benefits of Focused Shockwave Therapy yourself!