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The FX 635 Laser Device for Pain Management

Chronic lower back pain can be seriously debilitating and can cause setbacks in daily life, including making it impossible to carry out even the minutest of tasks. While conventional methods are restricted to opioids, advancing researches and studies continue to show that there are several risks attached to opioids. The side-effects that come with opioids include nausea, drowsiness, constipation, and mental fog. Opioids have also been known to slow breathing, which has led to many opioid overdose deaths. The worst outcome of using excessive opioids for chronic lower back pain management is that opioids can be addictive and will have long-term adverse effects.

Luckily, there is another alternative to opioids that is non-addictive and FDA-approved.

Laser Therapy

One of the most recent breakthroughs in medical science, laser therapy has proved to be ground-breaking in terms of helping manage chronic lower back pain. What sets laser therapy apart from other treatment options is:

  • There is no risk of addiction
  • No adverse side effects
  • Effective results

FX 635: The Only Laser for Pain Management

Currently the only laser that you can find in the market, it carries approval from the FDA, and is perfectly safe to use. The FX 635 undergoes extensive clinical trials before being released into the market, and the equipment has to prove itself in a randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center, double-blind, and parallelized trial before it can be used. In its initial testing, participants who used the FX 635 for lower back pain management were evaluated over a 2-month period and showed considerable improvement, with reduced back pain and promise for more.

How the FX 635 Works

The FX 635 is built to target with absolute precision the region in the back pain that is in pain. To do this, the FX 635 uses its laser diode robotic arms that are patented, coupled with laser technology. At the musculoskeletal center of the pain’s origin, the FX 635 promotes bio-stimulation—this is done at the cellular levels, to counteract the pain at its most basic.

The FX 635 is ISO 13485 (Medical Device Quality) and IEC 60825-1 (Laser Safety) compliant, that is to say it does not produce excessive heat, nor is it unreliable and too strong like other lasers.

The Benefits of Using FX 635 for Lower Back Pain

Patients who opt for a reduction in their chronic lower back pain using the FX 635 will experience many positive outcomes, including:

  • Improved quality of living
  • No side-effects
  • No need to opt for potentially harmful opioids, anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal medication
  • No need for NSAIDs that may lead to bleeding, ulcers, heart attacks, and kidney failure
  • The FX 635 can be used when paired with other modes of treatment such as chiropractic care
  • The FX 635 is a scalable substitute for surgery given how it’s non-invasive and has a faster recovery time
  • The FX 635 uses bio-stimulation to precisely target the specific regions of pain and eliminates chronic pain where need be; unlike prescription medicine that can adversely affect other areas of the body.

Other Benefits

Although this FDA-approved laser is most commonly used for chronic back pain reduction, it can be used for other musculoskeletal conditions such as plantar fasciitis. This is the only laser in the world that carries an FDA approval and Divergent Health Care is one of the very few clinics in Canada that offers this advanced technology.

Using bio-stimulation to specifically target areas, the FX 635 can repair damaged tissues and helps reduce inflammation. 85% of the working population in Canada, especially the ones that do desk jobs, can experience mild to severe lower back pain, which can be treated non-invasively using this innovative pain management laser technology.

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