Types of chronic pain

Why Your Chronic Pain Won’t Go Away

Referring to chronic pain as an “invisible disability” is a fair choice of words. Pain is an unseen, subjective symptom.

Even with the best treatment, an infrequent occurrence, complete relief from chronic pain is rare. The body of a chronic pain victim doesn’t show any external signs of distress. There is no evidence to detect or measure the intensity of pain. All you can do is take a patient’s word for it.

Chronic pain lasts much longer – several months or even years – and may interfere with your daily life. That’s the reason people suffering from chronic pain also suffer from anxiety and depression.

There are various reasons why the pain persists even after the injury that caused it has been treated or healed.


The Normal Repair Process May Have Gone Astray

Generally, in the case of chronic pain, the microglia (which is the immune system of the central nervous system) is stuck in a mode where they continue to inflict severe pain.

During the normal course of action, the microglia will call in other cells to start the usual repair process. However, the same won’t follow in case of chronic pain as the balance won’t be restored, and the body will remain in an inflammatory state.

Lack of Sleep

Fatigue is a severe source that can contribute to chronic pain. People who have sleep deficiency will be more prone to suffer from this condition.

A woman suffering from chronic pain

A proper evaluation of sleep is crucial for people suffering from chronic pain and depression.


Allergies can Add to the Pain

Allergies may contribute to aggravating the pain in your body. This happens because the allergies incite the inflammatory response in your body, worsening the pain.

Anything that provokes an inflammatory response (like allergies) has the potential to mess with the central nervous system.

Your Diet is a Fundamental Aspect

You are what you eat. This statement can’t be truer in the case of chronic pain.

Always ensure that the diet you’re consuming doesn’t contain anything that causes inflammation. Also, you can try incorporating foods like turmeric, tart cherries, olive oil, and salmon in your diet, as these foods help in dealing with chronic pain.


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