A kinesiologist examining feet muscles

3 Reasons Why You Need To See A Kinesiologist

There are many ways a kinesiologist can help improve your body’s trigger points, physical fitness and wellbeing. The goal is to improve your overall physical fitness and help you with chronic pain management.  

Kinesiology is a non-invasive form of therapy which involves the recuperation and rehabilitation of muscles in the legs and feet. The therapy mitigates weakness of structural support and provides pain relief.

Generally, kinesiology is used for treating a broad range of physical conditions such as body aches, back pain, physical stress, depression, and common injuries. Furthermore, it also helps children with learning disabilities, sleeping problem, and speech disorders.

But that’s just scratching the surface of how beneficial kinesiology actually is. Let’s delve into a few prominent reasons so you can understand why it’s worth visiting a kinesiologist


1. Enables Natural Healing

The treatment enables your body to learn properly how to heal naturally. Meaning, your body will continuously perform chronic pain management on its own.

Kinesiology consists of muscle rebalancing therapies that fix muscle alignments allowing you to feel energetic and stress-free throughout your day. What’s more, any blockages in the muscles are removed and prevented in the future.


2. Helps You Identify Nutritional and Physical Requirements

The techniques used in kinesiology utilize completely natural methods for analyzing physical, structural and nutritional requirements. It identifies deficiencies in weaker body areas that can cause acute and chronic problems.

A kinesiologist analyzing feet muscles

A professional kinesiologist will examine your body’s natural reflexes to determine the source of any mental or physical health conditions. Furthermore, they will help you improve your current body state by putting together a nutritional and physical regimen that works best for your body.


3. Identifies Muscle Imbalances

A kinesiologist can identify muscle imbalances that cause irregularities or pain in the body. The muscle strength is evaluated and pain in the area is treated over time. A muscle imbalance can cause various conditions including reduced athletic performance, muscle spasms, chronic health conditions and joint pain.

Moreover, your body’s structural malfunctions can cause disorders that affect different organs and systems in the body. Through kinesiology, you receive chronic pain management therapy which goes a long way to ensure that your body stays in good shape.


If you’re looking to improve your body’s range of motion to achieve healthier and stronger joints, visiting a kinesiologist is your best option. Divergent Innovative Health Care is a renowned chiropractic specialist in Calgary. Our top-of-the-line non-invasive procedures chronic pain management including kinesiology, massage therapy and more, are performed using modern technology! Contact us today to book an appointment.