4 Most Common Sports Injuries And Their Treatment

Millions of people suffer from sports-related injuries every year, and these injuries can range from reduced range of motion to severe physical injuries.

Read on to find out the most common sports injuries and the best ways to treat them:

Ways To Prevent and Treat Injuries

Ways to prevent and treat majority of sports injuries are similar. To prevent sports injuries, it’s ideal to stretch and warm up first as it prepares the body for the activity it is about to go through.

In case of a mild injury, the best way to treat it is by resting, icing the affected area, and elevating the area if possible, after consulting a doctor, of course.

If the injury is of a serious nature, consult with a physiotherapist for specific treatments, including physical therapy, special protective equipment, and possible surgical procedures.

Strains and Sprains

Strains occur when a muscle or a particular part of the body is stretched beyond its range. On the other hand, a sprain is an injury where the tissues connecting the bones (ligaments) are torn.

Some areas which are strained most commonly include hamstrings, groin, and quads, while sprains occur most commonly in the ankles, wrist or elbow.

Athletes who suffer from sprains more frequently use special braces to prevent them.

Knee Injury

Reports suggest that nearly 25% of adults suffer from knee injuries. The knee is one of the body parts that experiences the most damage because it sees a lot of wear and tear during sporting activities.

Ways to prevent knee pain include braces and padding.


Strong impact to the body can lead to broken bones, resulting in fractures. After carrying out the necessary tests, the doctors can suggest you a treatment, including a mix of medication and movement aids such as crutches.


Concussions are quite common amongst football players. A concussion is when the brain suffers a sudden impact, causing it to shake violently.

It causes headaches, dizziness, and unconsciousness. Therefore, players should wear appropriate gear to protect themselves for such incidents.

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