Paternity Testing – Everything You Need To Know

Scientists and legal authorities consider DNA paternity testing as the gold standard for establishing whether a man is the biological father of a child.  Given the nature of the test, it’s normal to feel lost and confused with the whole process. If you’re planning on taking this test any time soon, we’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you with all your questions.

What Is A Paternity Test?

A person shares half of their DNA with their father and mother. A DNA paternity test matches the DNA sample of the father to that of the child to establish their biological relationship. 

Why Do You Need A Paternity Test?

There can be various reasons to get a paternity test done. Since American courts accept it, the test is used for establishing rights to child custody, child support, or social security benefits.  It might also be taken to determine the history of one’s genetic health conditions.

How Accurate Is A Paternity Test?

It’s very accurate! A paternity test can determine with 99.99% accuracy whether a man is a child’s biological father. For the maximum possible accuracy, make sure that you choose a reliable facility for testing.

How Can You Take a Paternity Test?

Typically, there are two ways to go about it

  • You can buy an at-home kit from a drugstore or order it online for a hassle-free experience. You can then do the testing at home give the swab to a testing facility for the results
  • You can have your DNA collected in a healthcare facility

How Long Does It Take To Get The Results of a Paternity Test?

The results typically arrive 4-5 days after the lab receives the samples. However, many facilities can offer you the option of getting it earlier for an additional fee. Because the results are confidential, there’s an option to either pick them up directly from the facility or to receive it through a confidential email.

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